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Welcome to Midwest Business Services.

We're your 1-stop, 1-call for all your critical business support services! We have years of experience in bookkeeping, income tax, marketing, and computer support services. Why call many different vendors when you only need to call 1 number...US!

When it comes to running your business, you shouldn't waste your time on paperwork, down computers, etc., you should be spending your time on what's most important: SALES!


All businesses need and spend a lot of time on paperwork. It can be very frustrating to the novice...trying to navigate the complex issues of bookkeeping and tax. Why waste your time on this..when you should be focusing your (valuable) time on sales and growing your business! We are a full-service bookkeeping, payroll processing, and income tax firm.


All businesses also need quality sales & marketing materials. A LOT of time and effort is spent deciding "what" and "how" to properly showcase your goods and services. We have marketing plans to fit all budgets and goals. We'll help you determine the best method to spend marketing dollars, from website design to brochures to business cards, and much more.


Finally, a lot of company time and resources are spent maintaining your computers' hardware, software, and network services. Most businesses grind to a halt whenever their computers or network is down. This down-time leads directly to lost revenue. With such importance, you need highly qualified technicians to maintain your computer an affordable price!

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